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Underway! is the interface to flight simulators for the premier multi-player real time multi-warfare simulator - Naval Engagement! . The simulator currently interfaces with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/X. Coming soon will be an interface for X-Plane.

Underway! communicates via the Internet to the Naval Engagement! server and directly with a flight simulator. Underway! provides weapon and sensor input and data to a flight simulator. For example, In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/9/X you can fly a F-14D Tomcat. Using Underway! you will have at your control the APG-71 radar, chaff, flares, and Phoenix, Sparrow, and Sidewinder missiles. You will receive contact information from your radar, electronic surveillance equipment, and long range search platforms such as the E-2 Hawkeye. You can select your target and launch a missile - not an "effect". Naval Engagement! will control the missile until either it either it hits or runs out of fuel. Of course your opponent can launch chaff or flares to try and decoy the missile, or use active jamming to confuse it.

For all aircraft, including civilian, Underway! provides maintenance, damage in the form of failed equipment, and cargo tracking ability.

Here is a picture of the SH-60decked out with the Underway! gauges. Note the ELTR, sim time and ELT on the forward window brace, the underway, radar, esm switches on the forward window side brace, the enlarged radar ringed with designators, sonobuoys, and weapons

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