Underway! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

This is the page where you'll find some help for those burning questions about Underway!

Q. Do I need FSUIPC?
A. No you do not need FSUIPC.

Q. What is the price of Underway?
A. Underway! itself is free. Underway! will only work within the Naval Engagement! environment. There will be a nominal fee for access to the Naval Engagement! environment, if required. For now our Hosting service UCClouds.com is hosting us for free. We feel very honored that they have supported us over the years.

Q. What is Naval Engagement!
A. Naval Engagement! is a real time 24/7 multi-player environment through which Underway!, Captain!, Commander!, and Controller! communicate and controls non-player platforms.

Q. Where do I put Underway!?
A. There are numerous files that are installed and they are all placed inside of FSX's main directory.

Q. How can I tell if I'm connected properly?
A. The Underway! clock should begin updating as connection to the simulation (Naval Engagement!) occurs. Additionally you will be moved instantly to your last known position.

Q. Sometimes I end up starting in a strange location
A. If Flight Simulation is shutdown before the Underway! switch is turned off, corrupted data may be transmitted to Naval Engagement!. Make sure that you turn off all Underway! equipment (ie radars) and then turn off Underway! before shutting down a flight simulator. If you leave a flight simulator with a radar (or any other Underway! equipment) ON it will stay on until you shut if off. This may give important surveillance data to an enemy to locate your aircraft and destroy it when you are not online. So be sure to turn off all equipment! We told you Underway! was realistic....

Q. Does Underway! support X-Plane?
A. Not currently under construction.Some day it should be available.

Q. What is a tail number
A. Tail numbers are the numbers painted (generally) on the tail of an airplane. In this case the alphanumerics you entered into MSFS ATC Id when you load an aircraft from the menu. Underway! uses this to determine a valid loadout of your aircraft. Your callsign is different and not used by Underway!

Q. I was flying low and with my radar turned on I couldn't see my target on the radar screen.
A. Underway! uses curvature of the earth. The higher you are the further your radar can see - out to it's maximum range.

Q. I was at 500 feet and dropped a sonobouy, It seemed to take forever until I got an ESM report.
A. Underway! uses a falling speed of 40 Knots for torpedoes and sonobuoys. Once in the water more time is taken as the hydrophone is unreeled until it reaches its assigned depth

Q. I flew over the contact and returned to my home base. My ESM report dropped the contact. What is wrong?
A. Most aircraft have radars in their " noses ". This radar has an angle typically of about 120 degrees or 60 degrees either side of course flown. So the radar lost contact when you turned away from the platform.

Q. I set up my tail number like you said but I still get an error saying it can't load my aircraft. What is wrong?
A. You may have a permissions problem. Check your properties on the Underway! and sub directories and files.

Q. When I start Underway! a requester pops up saying it cannot connect to Naval Engagement!
A. One of three things may be wrong:

  • Your internet connection is broken
  • The server IP address is incorrect
  • Or most likely the server is down

Q. I fired a missile and cannot see it although it shows up on the Underway! radar
A. There is a limit to how many "aircraft" are displayed by Flight Simulators. You can try reducing the range of displayed objects - which should be no more than about 15-20NM

Q. The SAR-01 boat shows up as a Cessna or other aircraft
A. Ensure you have the ai_boat_collection installed. If it shows up incorrectly make sure that you have the preference set for "resolv to exact model" selected. All U/W platforms use the aircraft.cfg title= field to resolve what to show.

Q. Is there a developer's SDK (Software Development Kit) for Underway!
A. We are working on an SDK. Developers are free to create any gauge they wish and if they need special data to be passed through the Naval Engagement! Environment are encouraged to contact us for their data requirements. An example might be the design of a special refueling gauge in which platform location and fuel tank data is needed to be passed between players. Fuel data and location information might require a special message to be handled. We will publish a list of all messages/data to assist developers. We definitely want to work with developers in refining gauges and the simulation.

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