Commander captain title Frequently Asked Questions

Captain! is the unit commander program for the premier multi-player real time multi-warfare simulator - Naval Engagement! . This program provides all the control needed for non-flight simulator based platforms. Aircraft, ships, submarines, merchant ships, tanks, mobil missile launchers, fixed gun emplacements and many, many more platforms can be controlled using Captain!

Captain! communicates via the Internet to the Naval Engagement! server. Captain! provides weapon and sensor input and data to the player. Data is displyed in alphanumeric text readouts and on a "radar" type display. Weapons and sensors are controlled via mini-panels that provide easy access to even the most complicated of platforms, such as the Kirov class of Russian battle cruisers.

Like Underway!, Captain! provides maintenance, damage in the form of failed or destroyed equipment, and cargo tracking ability.

Here's a snapshot of the Captain's interface

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