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Naval Engagement! is the premier multi-player real time multi-warfare simulator. The simulator currently interfaces with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Coming someday will be an interface for X-Plane. Custom interfaces have also been developed for non-flight simulator players - Captain! allows a player to be the controller of a platform. Commander! allows a player to act as a battle Commander. Controller! allows a player to act as a CATCC or Air Traffic Controller on a ship (such as an aircraft carrier), plane (AWACS, E-2), or land (as in a tower). These three programs are stand-alone and do not require a flight simulator. Visit our pages for more in-depth coverage of these programs.

Look for platforms displaying the Naval Engagment! Seal of Approval.
Hot News - 13 JUN 2017

Underway! 163 is available for Prepar3dv4 - 64 bit!
Underway! 162 is available (incorporates periscope,snorkel,battery) for FSX
Unless there is some demand for 32 bit Underway, we will be dropping support for it.

New Captain! #49 and Underway_Captain! #93(fsx) are up. These fix the buttons for periscope and snorkel so they work correctly. Note that when the periscope is up, you receive esm reports from visual and ESM gear. Note that this will probably be the last major update for FSX NEUWUC as we make the transition to Prepar3d V4. This is a mandatory update.

Not a member? Send an email to neatmcleanresearch.com - replace the at with the @ sign, of course! Indicate what class of platform you want (ie F/A-18 or Udaloy or whatever, a username, password, your real name
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