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Naval Engagement! is the premier multi-player real time multi-warfare simulator. The simulator currently interfaces with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Coming someday will be an interface for X-Plane. Custom interfaces have also been developed for non-flight simulator players - Captain! allows a player to be the controller of a platform. Commander! allows a player to act as a battle Commander. Controller! allows a player to act as a CATCC or Air Traffic Controller on a ship (such as an aircraft carrier), plane (AWACS, E-2), or land (as in a tower). These three programs are stand-alone and do not require a flight simulator. Visit our pages for more in-depth coverage of these programs.

Look for platforms displaying the Naval Engagment! Seal of Approval.
Hot News - 27FEB 2017

Loadout Builder #5 is available. It adds GPS type weapons to platforms that can carry them. It also adds the F-22 as a platorm

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